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  The History of MPAC      


         In 2010, the initiative step-UP Baltimore was created by former Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. In the spring of 2011, thru the leadership of Baltimore Health System Baltimore (BHSB), the Baltimore Recovery Corp (BRC) was launched.


         The Baltimore Recovery Corp embraced and recognized the value of individuals and family members who experienced substance use, mental health and or behavioral-health conditions in recovery as a resource to others seeking recovery. The BRC provided a national Peer Recovery Advocate training for persons in recovery who often faced with stigma, limitations and barriers for employment.


         By 2012, BRC's Peer Recovery (Advocate) PRA's were trained and connected to community organizations. Peers successfully obtained volunteer opportunities in local supportive housing programs, recovery wellness, mental health, addiction and treatment centers within the City of Baltimore.

Based on efforts BRC Peer Recovery Coaches formally recognized as a resource gaining attention from local and state entities expanding to a robust paid workforce with Baltimore City and surrounding areas.


         BRC continued its advocacy efforts, by the end of 2012, The Baltimore Recovery Corp trained over 200 individuals and family members in recovery. To remain connected, BRC Peer Recovery Coach Leaders begin hosting meetings and later organized and unified as a recovery movement advocating for local related concerns within Baltimore City.

         In 2014, the State of Maryland' - Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-Health Professional Certification Board announced the credentialing of the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) and Registered Peer Supervisors (RPS).


        Based on the news of credentialing, peers surrounding Baltimore united forming the Baltimore Peer Advisory Council (BPAC).


         By June 2014, BPAC mobilized the vision to include Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Recovery Specialist, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Registered Peer Supervisors throughout the State of Maryland.


        After the expansion, BPAC members continued to hold regular meetings, special events and participated and advocated for Recovery. With the utilization of social media as a platform for recovery, BPAC peer network became integrated connecting peers across Maryland. Peers from surrounding counties join in by attending meetings.


       By the end of the year, BPAC members held a Recovery Townhall Meeting resulting in an all-inclusive vote to rename the Baltimore Peer Advisory Council (BPAC) to MPAC Maryland Peer Advisory Council (MPAC).


MPAC is supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute-Baltimore.

As the Open Society Foundations’ U. S. Programs only field office, Open Society Institute-Baltimore focuses on the root causes of three intertwined problems in our city and state: drug addiction, an over-reliance on incarceration, and obstacles that impede youth in succeeding inside and out of the classroom. We also support a growing corps of social entrepreneurs committed to under-served populations in Baltimore. Before we make a single grant, we analyze the root causes of a problem and examine research and innovative practices. Because we aim for lasting, sustainable solutions, we engage public and private partners from the start. It is only then, with a clear picture of the problem, that we begin to focus our approach and diligently craft a road map for change.

The Light of Truth Center, Inc., equally dedicated to serving people in their process of recovery is MPAC’s sponsoring organization.  Vaile Leonard, as the Founder/CEO, has been the force in bringing innovative ideas and people together to change the face of recovery. 


The Light of Truth Center is a volunteer-led behavioral-health organization that has provided safe, supportive housing to women in recovery in Baltimore since 1999.  (LTC) is a non-profit organization that embraces a new innovative three-phase process of recovery, transition, and restoration.


Light of Truth Center dba 3C Recovery Support Training Institute (aka 3C Training) will provide training classes to the recovery community.  


Under the leadership of Mr. Tyrell Moyd, 3C Training is a academy that specializes in recovery support training for individuals who have a desire to provide recovery support services within the community. Trainings are geared toward recovery coaching skills that aid in the support of person-centered services for individuals seeking recovery. 3C Training is an approved training provider of the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board.

                                                        "Together we can make a difference".