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History & Support

Carroll Christopher Conquest was a leader, facilitator, mentor and advocate for the recovery community.

In 2010, Carroll along of a group of people with lived experience in recover participated in the initiative step-UP Baltimore was created by former Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. In the spring of 2011, thru the leadership of Baltimore Health System Baltimore (BHSB), the Baltimore Recovery Corp (BRC) was launched.


Carroll was the Director of the Baltimore Recovery Corp, which embraced and recognized the value of individuals and family members who experienced substance use, mental health and or behavioral-health conditions in recovery as a resource to others seeking recovery. The BRC provided a national Peer Recovery Advocate training for persons in recovery who often faced with stigma, limitations and barriers for employment.


By 2012, under Carroll's leadership, BRC's Peer Recovery (Advocate) PRA's were trained and connected to community organizations. Peers successfully obtained volunteer opportunities in local supportive housing programs, recovery wellness, mental health, addiction and treatment centers within the City of Baltimore.

Based on his efforts, BRC Peer Recovery Coaches were recognized as a resource gaining attention from local and state entities expanding to a robust paid workforce with Baltimore City. and surrounding areas.


Carroll, director of the Baltimore Recovery Corp trained over 200 hundred individuals and family members in recovery. 

Carroll C. Conquest, BA, RCP was a leader within the Recovery Movement. 

Black & WHite Tiffinee .JPG

Tiffinee M. Scott, CPRS, RPS,

Tiffinee is a native of Baltimore, has over 30 years in public service to include emergency medical service, corrections, court and public health. Tiffinee's professional and personal lived experience guided her efforts in pursuing peer recovery coach training from the Baltimore Recovery Corp (BRC). A graduate of BRC' class 12, she was the first to complete the peer advocate training based on a family perspective, volunteer and obtain Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Certification (CPRS) credential. A visionary, Tiffinee enjoys being of service, advocating for change, community engagement and organizing a leaderful movement in support of recovery.  

Carlos Hardy, pioneer to Maryland's recovery movement and founder and chief executive officer of Maryland Recovery Organization Connecting Communities (M-ROCC), Carlos is a well-versed advocate who shares his passion for recovery on local, state and national levels. We honor Carlos for coining our name from Baltimore Peer Advisory Council (BPAC) to Maryland Peer Advisory Council (MPAC). 


MPAC is supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute-Baltimore

As the Open Society Foundations’ U. S. Programs only field office, Open Society Institute-Baltimore focuses on the root causes of three intertwined problems in our city and state: drug addiction, an over-reliance on incarceration, and obstacles that impede youth in succeeding inside and out of the classroom. We also support a growing corps of social entrepreneurs committed to under-served populations in Baltimore. Before we make a single grant, we analyze the root causes of a problem and examine research and innovative practices. Because we aim for lasting, sustainable solutions, we engage public and private partners from the start. It is only then, with a clear picture of the problem, that we begin to focus our approach and diligently craft a road map for change.


The Light of Truth Center, Inc., equally dedicated to serving people in their process of recovery is MPAC’s sponsoring organization.  Vaile Leonard, as the Founder/CEO, has been the force in bringing innovative ideas and people together to change the face of recovery. 


The Light of Truth Center is a volunteer-led behavioral-health organization that has provided safe, supportive housing to women in recovery in Baltimore since 1999.  (LTC) is a non-profit organization that embraces a new innovative three-phase process of recovery, transition, and restoration.


Light of Truth Center dba 3C Recovery Support Training Institute (aka 3C Training) will provide training classes to the recovery community.  

Under the leadership of Mr. Tyrell Moyd, 3C Training is a academy that specializes in recovery support training. 3C Training is an approved training provider of the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board.


Rev.Vaile Leonard is the founder of Light of Truth Center (LTC),. Light of Truth, Inc., is an a non-profit organization located in Baltimore which embraces a new innovative, three-phase process of recovery, transition, and restoration for recovering women. Rev. Leonard is a Maryland Non-Profit licensed consultant and CCAR trainer who received a Recovery Coach Professional (RPC) designation from CCAR Recovery Coach Academy.

She has over 20 years of experience serving the recovery community and enjoys celebrating recovery by developing innovative residential and outpatient therapeutic treatment programs which provides the necessary tools and techniques to aid women in their recovery journey.

Rev. Vaile Leonard

Light of Truth Center, Inc. is the sponsor of MPAC. 


Tyrell D. Moyd began serving in the Behavioral Health profession in April 2012 as a Workforce Develop Coordinator for Maryland Community Health Initiatives. In concert with the Social Enterprise Director, he created an intensive workforce development program which taught individuals professional soft skills as well as provided hands-on technical skills in various areas.

In June of 2014, Maryland Community Health Initiatives, Inc. opened the Penn North Community Resource Center and Mr. Moyd assumed the responsibilities of the center’s Director. Under his leadership, Penn North, offered wrap-around services to support the recovery process. The center offered such services as GED and computer literacy classes, wellness services (Acupuncture, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong), workforce development, 12-step support groups, a monthly food drive, peer support, and other various community supports. Engaging the community is one of his passions, so from holiday community events to the annual Recovery Festival to the almost weekly Friday Night Live dances, Tyrell was continually planning events to keep the community socially well.

Along with direct service to the community, Mr. Moyd also began to facilitate Recovery Support training with his mentor, Carroll C. Conquest. Under Mr. Conquest’s tutelage, facilitation revealed Tyrell’s gift to coach and cultivate Recovery Support professionals, and in October of 2015, he became the Director of the Baltimore Recovery Corps (BRC) @ Penn North. The BRC is a training hub for peer-based recovery and advocacy support services that are non-clinical in nature and designed to engage persons seeking access to treatment and support services, as well as those preparing to leave treatment and reestablish life in the community. As the BRC Director, he was responsible for the delivery of both core-curriculum and supplemental classes. Tyrell coordinated and facilitated the classes taught through the BRC program.

Tyrell’s tenure with Maryland Community Health Initiatives, Inc. (Penn North) ended June 2018, at the end of the BRC grant fiscal year. In August of the same year, he joined the Light of Truth Center, where he is the Education & Wellness Director. He continues his “service to those who serve others,” with his own brand, the *3C Recovery Support Training Institute. Together, the Light of Truth Center DBA 3c Recovery Support Training Institute endeavors to offer training and support to individuals who care for and provide services to the Behavioral Health community.

Mr. Moyd founder of 3c Recovery Support Training Institute is a highly respected facilitator and prides himself in delivering training that is engaging, challenging and fun. 

Tyrell, MPAC & 3c Recovery Support Training Institute, Training Academy of Light of Truth Center, Inc. is a collective team for the MPAC Advocacy & Leadership Program

Supported by Open Society Institute-Baltimore.

 History of MPAC

Under Carroll C. Conquest guidance, in a small cramped room, a group of individuals with lived experience formerly known as peer recovery advocates and recovery supporters gathered for discussions in reference to the state of recovery within Baltimore City. The meetings were impactful and eventually formed the Baltimore Peer Advisory Council (BPAC)  BPAC held regular meetings attracting peers, supporters and organizations from across the state.

In 2014, the State of Maryland's- Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-Health Professional Certification Board announced the credentialing of the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) and Registered Peer Supervisors (RPS)


Based on the news of credentialing, the Baltimore Peer Advisory Council (BPAC) was renamed by recovery historian Carlos Hardy to Maryland Peer Advisory Council (MPAC).


The vision for MPAC included Peer Recovery Coaches, Peer Recovery Specialist, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, Registered Peer Supervisors, advocates, recovery supporters, community organizers and organizations working together toward sustainable solutions and actionable efforts for recovery throughout Maryland.

The movement continues....


"Together we can make a difference." MPAC

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