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The Maryland Peer Advisory Council (MPAC) is a peer-led innovative concept that has been developed to advocate, educate and support individuals, families and communities about recovery within Baltimore City, and the State of Maryland. 

MPAC will foster the delivery of quality peer-led recovery support services and advocates with a social accountability process to mobilize recovery by collaborating with local, state federal and national recovery friendly agencies and organizations. 

MPAC enhance and support the recovery community knowledge, skills and abilities by incorporating the following core strategies.

Promote and provide advocacy, resources, training and develop educational materials for public distribution. 


Collaborate and partner with agencies and organizations that promote and/or improve recovery support services.


Support local and state efforts to develop and improve access to recovery support trainings along with for the peer workforce.


Support local and state efforts to develop, improve and enhance access to prevention, treatment and recovery services.

Advocate to legislators for improved recovery responsive legislation. 

Advocate for system wide integration and mobilization of recovery with a social accountability platform.

Implement quality leaders and advocates to promote mobilization of recovery 

Social accountability refers to actions initiated by MPAC with the support of the recovery community, public officials, politicians, government, public, private and faith-based organizations; to include but not limited to, housing, treatment and other direct service providers. The Social Accountability process aims to strengthen, enhance and support communities by advocating for inclusive delivering services to improve the health, wellness, welfare and protecting people's rights in recovery.

"MPAC is the most exciting movement that has happened for Marylanders in the Recovery community"

Julvette Price, Registered Peer Supervisor

"MPAC has been a life changing blessing that has allowed me the pathway to help others. For me to be a part of MPAC to is a dream come true- It's a god sent. Words cannot express my excitement."

Latif Karim, Registered Peer Supervisor