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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

Maryland Peer Advisory Council-Advisory Board

Maryland Peer Advisory Council-Advisory Board

Tiffinee M. Scott, CPRS, RPS


Vaile Leonard, RPS, RCP

Monica White, MS, CAC-AD, RPS

Julvette Price-Brown, CPRS, RPS


Principal Facilitators

Tyrell Moyd, RPS, RCP

Hillu Beyene, CPRS, RPS


Research Advisory

Johanna Dolan, B.MSc.,SIC. RCP, RPS

Dwayne Dean, CPRS, RPS, RCP 


MPAC Young Adult
Advisory Board

Christopher Raeford, PRC

Micheal Gray, PRC

Quesha Bruce, PRC

Jordan Woods, PRC

Joshua Conn, PRC

Alicia Moye, PRC

Imani Keene, PRC

Carlos Gray, PRC

All young adults serve as peers within the workforce

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MPAC Fellow Subcommittee

Dr. Nicole Kelly, M.ed, CPRS, RPS

Yahtiley Phoenix-Ward, PRS

Dwayne Bruce, CPRS, RPS

Ronald Fountain, CPRS, RPS

James B. CPRS, RPS

Virginia Spence, CPRS, RPS 

Members at Large

Members listed below serve for and provide training and or advisory in the following areas- Criminal Justice, Reentry, Mental and Behavioral Health,  Faith-Based, Trauma Informed care to include training.

Kevin Nock, CPRS, RPS

Keia Briscoe, CPRS, RPS

Sharika Briscoe, CPRS

Donna Bruce CPRS, RPS

Windy Davis, CPRS, RPS

Angelia Gray, PRC

Desmond Perry, PRC

Administrative Support


Ava Hill-Scott
Marie Conn

Bea Bailey

Education, Training, and Proctor

 Constance Mann-Leonard, RPS, RCP

Peer Notary
Kim Farabee, PRC

Peer Sign Language Interpreter

Angelia Scottkeys, PRC

Adminitrative Support

"Together we can make a difference."

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