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Explore the rich history of MPAC, a transformative force driving recovery and social change for individuals, families, and communities.

Standing on the Shoulders of GIANTS

In 2012, The Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC, ​was envisioned by honorary​ historians the late Carroll C. Conquest, Julvette Price-Brown,​ Monica White, Andre Rhyne, Cassie Williams, Coriless Jones, Stanley Ball,

And Carlos Hardy.

Our beginning

In a small, crowded room, trained peer recovery ​​advocates, family members, faith-based leaders, supporters, allies, and organizers in Baltimore City and throughout the State of Maryland mobilized to form ​a unified voice of recovery.

Who we are

The ​Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC a state-wide advocacy council ​centered on social change and ​actionable​ efforts for recovery.​


The late Carroll Christopher Conquest


was a leader, facilitator, mentor and advocate for the recovery community.

In 2010, Carroll along of a group of people with lived experience in recover participated in the initiative step-UP Baltimore was created by former Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. In the spring of 2011, thru the leadership of Baltimore Health System Baltimore (BHSB), the Baltimore Recovery Corp (BRC) was launched.


Carroll was the Director of the Baltimore Recovery Corp, which embraced and recognized the value of individuals and family members who experienced substance use, mental health and or behavioral-health conditions in recovery as a resource to others seeking recovery. The BRC provided a national Peer Recovery Advocate training for persons in recovery who often faced with stigma, limitations and barriers for employment.


By 2012, under Carroll's leadership, BRC's Peer Recovery (Advocate) PRA's were trained and connected to community organizations. Peers successfully obtained volunteer opportunities in local supportive housing programs, recovery wellness, mental health, addiction and treatment centers within the City of Baltimore.

Based on his efforts, BRC Peer Recovery Coaches were recognized as a resource gaining attention from local and state entities expanding to a robust paid workforce with Baltimore City. and surrounding areas.


Carroll, director of the Baltimore Recovery Corp trained over 200 hundred individuals and family members in recovery. 

Carroll C. Conquest, BA, RCP was a leader within the Recovery Movement. 


Carlos Hardy, MS, RPS

Community Organizer


Carlos is the pioneer of Maryland's recovery movement and founder and chief executive officer of Maryland Recovery Organization Connecting Communities (M-ROCC); Carlos is a well-versed advocate who shares his passion for recovery on local, state, and national levels.

We honor Carlos for coining our name from Baltimore Peer Advisory Council, BPAC, to the

Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC 

Black & WHite Tiffinee .JPG

Tiffinee M. Scott,
CPRS, RPS, President


Tiffinee is a native of Baltimore and has over 30 years in public service, including emergency medical service, corrections, court, and public health. Tiffinee's professional and personal lived experience guided her toward peer recovery coach training from the Baltimore Recovery Corp BRC. A graduate of BRC class 12, she was the first to complete the peer advocate training based on a family perspective, volunteer, and obtain Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Certification (CPRS) credential.

A visionary, Tiffinee enjoys being of service, advocating for change, community engagement, and organizing a leaderful movement supporting recovery.  


Julvette Price,


Julvette Price, a person with long-term recovery, is highly motivated to bridge the gaps and educate others about behavioral health and substance use. Her journey started in 2011 while working at AmeriCorps Vista   as a Peer Advocate, and she has gained a wealth of hands-on knowledge within the last 12 years. She obtained several certifications while making a significant impact within the recovery community.

Julvette, a Consumer Inclusion Coordinator who uses her knowledge as someone with lived experience She helps integrate persons living with addiction recovery and mental health into behavioral health programs. She describes her work as improving access to care for persons needing emotional support and holding providers accountable. Julvette is passionate about her work as an advocate and volunteer for individuals seeking treatment. She takes pride in informing others about access to safe community-based recovery options. As a Maryland Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and Registered Peer Supervisor Julvette uses advanced training to give back to the community. She is an active Maryland Peer Advisory Council member, advocating for equity and inclusion throughout Maryland’s behavioral health system. Julvette serves on several boards and leadership/community engagement committees.


Monica White,


Monica White MS, CAC-AD, RPS, is a Baltimore Native who has a vast experience in outreach, education, clinical practice, and administration. Monica is the founder of a behavioral health organization centered on recovery-oriented system of care. She serves as a board member or chair on state and nationally levels. A historian and educator by nature, on any given day, Monica is educating peers across the State of Maryland.


Rev. Vaile Leonard


Rev. Vaile Leonard founded the Light of Truth Center (LTC). Light of Truth, Inc., is a non-profit organization located in Baltimore that embraces a new innovative, three-phase process of recovery, transition, and restoration for recovering women. Rev. Leonard is a Maryland Non-Profit licensed consultant and CCAR trainer who received a Recovery Coach Professional (RPC) designation from CCAR Recovery Coach Academy.

She has over 20 years of experience serving the recovery community. She enjoys celebrating recovery by developing innovative residential and outpatient treatment programs which provide the necessary tools and techniques to aid women in their recovery journey. 

"Together we can make a difference."

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