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Informational Videos and Publications 

Engage and educate through MPAC's concise and informative historical videos content whiich empowers individuals with valuable knowledge for recovery and social change.

Carroll Conquest, Recovery Empowerment Group, Inc.

Recovery Corps

Get in The Herd AFTER HOURS with Alex Bond & Guest Tiffinee Scott

with Joseph Green

ASL Harm Reduction for the LGBTQ+ Community

Penn North

Operation Facing Fentanyl

From Prisoner to Professional: US Women Beats Addiction, Gives Back

William L. White - Experiencing Recovery Part 1

WBAL Interview
Enoch Pratt Peer
Navigator Program

Faces & Voices of Recovery: 
William Cope Moyers

ASL How to Respond to an
Opioid Overdose


Opioid Response Network: Lived Experience: Race and Recovery 

Reports, Publications & Articles

Reports, Publications & Articles


MPAC produces a wealth of informative reports, publications, and articles, providing valuable insights, research findings, and thought leadership on recovery, advocacy, and social change, empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and resources.

Research From the Field

Building Equitable Community-Academic Partnerships for Opioid Recovery Research: Lessons Learned from Stakeholder Engagement With Peer and Provider Organizations

Forming equity-based community-academic partnerships focused on recovery research is a time- consuming and challenging endeavor, but one well worth the care and effort required. Through building trusting relationships, vital research collaborations emerge, which are driven by expressed community needs and supported with university resources.  This article describes the stakeholder engagement process utilized by a university-based and opioid-focused initiative entitled Innovations in Recovery through Infrastructure Support (IRIS).


At concert outside Baltimore plant, musicians protest Maryland pharmaceutical company’s Narcan prices

Joined by harm-reduction advocates, local musicians performed outside a Baltimore drug manufacturing facility Wednesday afternoon to protest the price of the overdose-reversing drug Narcan sold by pharmaceutical company Emergent BioSolutions.

Peer Led Research 
2021 Funded Pilot Projects | IRIS


From a grant from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, Innovations in Recovery through Infrastructure Support (IRIS) the integration of peers, community, and social work research. Members of MPAC joined the IRIS leadership committee, a leadership program centered on recovery, and completed advanced-level training as peer research. 
If MPAC was indeed awarded the grant-it was important for all peers and organizations to receive the results by request. 
In 2021, as an IRIS grantee, our goal was to organize, draft, and create a community-based peer census survey. 
MPAC Peers that Count (PTC): 
A Call to Action: A Peer Recovery Census to Determine How Many Are We, What Do We Contribute, and What Do We Need?

PTC Convening.jpg

"Together we can make a difference." MPAC

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