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Support, Collaboration and Partnerships

Discover comprehensive support on MPAC's dedicated support page, empowering individuals, families, and communities on their journey towards recovery and social change.

The Three Pillars of the Dream Team

The "Dream Team" comprises three pillars: The Maryland Peer Advisory Council, The Light of Truth Center, and the 3C Recovery Support Training Institute.

Together, we form a formidable force dedicated to advocacy, recovery support,

and comprehensive training initiatives.

maryland peer advisory council


The Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC, serve as the advocacy pillar.

Led by Council President 

Tiffinee Scott

The Maryland Peer Advisory Council, MPAC 

Since 2011, MPAC serves and supports recovery.



The Light of Truth Center, Inc., equally dedicated to serving people in their process of recovery is MPAC’s sponsoring organization.


The Light of Truth Center, Inc., led by Rev. Vaile Leoanrd, serves as the over arching body of the the three pillars.

Since, 1999, the Light of Truth Center, Inc. is an non-profit behavioral-health organization that has provided safe, supportive services to women in recovery in Baltimore. 

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Light of Truth Center

dba 3C Recovery Support Training Institute

Under the leadership of

Tyrell Moyd,

3C Recovery Support Training Insitute is a academy that specializes in recovery support training. 3C is an approved training provider of the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board.

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Collaborations, Partnerships
& Coalitions

MPAC thrives on fostering collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders, organizations, and community allies, collectively working towards recovery, advocacy, and social change, creating a stronger impact together.

hunger free zone logo.jpg

Baltimore’s Hunger Free Zone team makes sure that no one within 10 miles of the HFZ kitchen goes hungry. Is it possible? Absolutely, but to accomplish this wonderful goal, we need to build strong organizational coordination and cooperation among members of the Baltimore community. Together, we can create a better future. 


 In partnership with VOC, MPAC in partnership with VOC is supporting individuals and families in recovery with affordable, reliable transportation (must complete the complete criteria of VOC.


For interests review the website and email subject (ride)  


BRIDGES is an advocacy coalition made up of organizations from across Maryland, committed to ending overdose and criminalization by promoting safe spaces, dignity, health, and justice for people who use drugs.
We are advocating for the legal authorization of overdose prevention sites in Maryland.


Peer Navigator Program at Enoch Pratt Free Library
MPAC In collaboration with Healing City Baltimore and Enoch Pratt Free Library supported by a Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield 
“Building a workforce in Baltimore” an expansion of the MPAC Advocacy & Leadership Program Peer Navigators at Enoch Pratt Learn about Peer Navigators at Pratt Peer Navigators.


Talbot Goes Purple is a substance abuse awareness program that engages our community and youth to stand against substance abuse.


The project is based upon THP Project Purple, an initiative of The Herren Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation established by former NBA basketball player, Chris Herren, that assists individuals and families struggling with addiction.

faces and voices of recovery logo.png

Recovery Can Change the World. Together, let’s create a world in which the diverse voices of everyone affected by addiction are heard. Let’s connect recovery communities nationwide, free from discrimination and injustice. Join us, make an impact, and change the world for the better.

partnership to end addiction.png

We're on a mission to transform how our nation addresses addiction by empowering families, advancing effective care, shaping public policy and changing culture.


National Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Day™ is established in remembrance of those lost to illicit fentanyl poisoning and to acknowledge the devastation this drug has brought to hundreds of thousands of affected family members and friends. 

HEBCAC blue.jpg

Hebcac at Dee Place Recovery Community Center
Dee’s Place has been a touchstone for recovery in Baltimore City since 2000. Founded by and for people in recovery, Dee’s Place has provided over 11 million instances of recovery support free of charge since its origin.

Behavioral health system baltimore.png

MPAC actively engages in transformative collaborations, including the GBRICS Partnership 988 - Community Engagement Committee and the GBRICS Partnership with Behavioral Health System Baltimore, strengthening community engagement and driving initiatives for enhanced behavioral health support and recovery.

Healing city.png

  Healing City Baltimore

Healing City Baltimore is a sustained movement of neighbors, united as a citywide community, to engage in honest dialogue, learn from diverse perspectives, embrace our differences, and commit to healing together as a foundation for pursuing a racially, socially, and economically just and thriving Baltimore for ALL.


   Dolan Reseach International

exists to provide innovative, personal and diverse training to organizations and individuals around the world. Our highly trained coaches work to inspire and support people so that they can move, and help others move, from barely surviving into the thriving life they dream of.

International Recovery Day, Inc. is a nonprofit, free-standing organization dedicated to promoting all pathways of recovery from addiction worldwide and educating the public about the value of addiction recovery.

International Recovery Day connects the dots between all folks in recovery ~ from all recovery pathways ~ all around the globe ~ all in one day: September 30th.

Tree of hope 2023.jpg

Tree of Hope

Located in the Southern Region of Maryland

Tree of Hope is a

Peer organization that helps the recovery community self-direct to a new way of life. The staff provides one-on-one peer services, certified by the state of Maryland, to provided.

Peer trainings and supervision, support and more...


Pride center of Maryland.png

The Pride Center of Maryland offers over 30 programs and services that reflect our dedication to ensuring Maryland’s sexual and gender minority community have equal access to care, services, and a space where they can be their authentic selves. Each year, we serve thousands of Maryland residents in order to fulfill our commitment of uniting, empowering, and advocating on behalf of sexual and gender minorities of Baltimore and Central Maryland


Maryland LGBTQ chamber of Chamer.jpg

What Moves Us

The Maryland LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce provides a safe and empowering environment where its members thrive as equal partners through education, networking and advocacy.

The Maryland LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce leads in educating and uniting LGBTQ+ and allied professionals in assuring prosperity, inclusivity and fairness for all members.


    Drug Epidemic Wall


The Drug Epidemic Memorial Wall is a virtual International wall honoring our loved ones.

This stunning, heartbreaking, and seemingly endless stream of precious lives is a powerful visual created for healing, educati, raising awareness and honoring our loved ones by saving lives.

iRIS lOGO.webp

Innovations in Recovery through Infrastructure Support (IRIS) is a National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Drug Abuse funded initiative led by Principal Investigators, Drs. Jay Unick and Michelle Tuten from the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) School of Social Work. 


We are a collaborative of professionals focused on promoting recovery and wellness in Black communities across the nation.

Thank you! 

We are proudly serving with the support of our funders.

MPAC is supported by a grant from
Open Society Institute-Baltimore

As the Open Society Foundations’ U. S. Programs only field office, Open Society Institute-Baltimore focuses on the root causes of three intertwined problems in our city and state: drug addiction, an over-reliance on incarceration, and obstacles that impede youth in succeeding inside and out of the classroom. We also support a growing corps of social entrepreneurs committed to under-served populations in Baltimore. Before we make a single grant, we analyze the root causes of a problem and examine research and innovative practices. Because we aim for lasting, sustainable solutions, we engage public and private partners from the start. It is only then, with a clear picture of the problem, that we begin to focus our approach and diligently craft a road map for change.

iRIS lOGO.webp

"Together we can make a difference."

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